Turf Mojo Sandals

For when you need optimum support, tougher traction


MOJO was born at the campsite.
After hours of walking in wet and cold boots,
your feet will scream for freedom!


A Muddy Walk

Without boots, the camper is exposed to slips and trips.
Our outdoor traction soles provide just the right grip…

Slipping Into Comfort

Mud and dirt will always get between your sole and the footbed.
We have closed-cell EVA foam to keep your feet away from moisture
despite the soft and spongy feel, to keep you comfortable.


Colors To Match

Our designs search the mood of the outdoors.
For some it’s excitement, for others it’s serenity.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Our outdoor sandals are designed to protect your feet
after you have decided to challenge them with nature.

Survival Techniques

We have been creating technical designs
for over 20 years…
and have been testing them as well.