The Story of Mojo Sandals

It was a surreal childhood that gave birth to the idea of Mojos. Jose grew up in Bukidnon province, tucked away from the big city…

…where the mangosteen tree was the favorite hangout after school, where long summers were spent collecting sap from the balete to make rubber balls, where slippers were worn only to walk home after playing barefoot on the soft grass.

Jose played, fished, swam and explored on horseback riding… soaking in visions of clear skies, open fields, crystal springs and beautiful sunsets. This began his passion for life in the outdoors.

Learning the skills of an outdoorsman in school through the university club in the Philippines, Jose immersed himself in a life surrounded by nature; falling in love with the beaches and mountains south of Manila. With this constant exposure to the roughness of terrain came a desire to be in comfort, if only to enjoy nature a little better.

And the thing that needed the most comfort were TIRED FEET.

So Jose turned to designing comfortable sandals and ‘tsinelas’, footwear all built to withstand the tests of nature. The first few pairs were for friends, that they too could ease into comfort and enjoy the view.

The products were initially for resting at the campsite, short river treks, walking over sharp reef and protecting soft water logged feet from scratches and bruises.

The designs carried the Label MOJO.

MOJO stood for flow, vibe, love and passion when it first came out in 1991. In just three years of business, the name MOJO attained the generic name for outdoor sandals. Today, it is now a brand of footwear not just for the outdoorsman, but for every individual who seeks comfort for their sole.

We regularly change our technical designs, adapting them to the varied adventure activities that a free spirited wanderer would encounter in tropical paradise.

But the same inspiration will always be there; cool crisp mountain air, an open ocean, rolling waves, a good view and the invitation is constant, not just to see it, but to be a part of it… resting on a good pair of sandals.

We have been producing and designing since 1991. That’s 25 years of experience making sandals. From constructing durable footwear, to designing a broad spectrum product mix that will cater to every outdoor activity. The usefulness of the sandal is tested by the designer himself as we engage in all aspects of the outdoors , from the mountain to the sea.

Thank you for helping keep that spirit alive. .. And may this spirit of freedom and adventure rub off from our sole to yours